Hinde Leah

Hinde is very much like what her name means in Dutch: a doe. She can be playfull and innocent, inviting you to play along, but she also has these big looking right through your eyes. She's a dreamer with both feet on the ground, being steady in the storms, moving with the winds, dancing in the rain, standing tall as a deep rooted tree. With her vulnerable beauty she touches ones heart and inspires to live life to its full potential in every suitable/possible way. She wears the everlasting youth in her essence, reminding us of the importance to play, dance, move and explore. She seeks truthfulness and honesty and thats what she asks from the people around her. She challenges you to be true, to be wild, to be free. She is criticall and doesn’t take much for granted. She is the maiden and the priestess, brought together in her beautiful, sparkling being.


Luna Anne Lucia

Luna is the pioneer of the three of us, the one who gave birth to young women in connection and to She Vida. She is the wild, seeking lion with big dreams and a lot of power. With her big passion for art and sexuality she makes everyone around her enthusiastic. She is a rebel, not afraid to dive in deep and to claim her power. She's not afraid of confrontation and invites you to face your fears and step into your power as well. A lion can be scary when you put her in a cage, but when the lion is free, all you want to do is run with her.

Marre Thalita


Marre is our womb. She is the Mother. Creating a warm, welcome space of trust, love and creativity. She encourages every soul to acknowledge their strength, power and talents by holding up a mirror for ones self to learn. She is very willing to share her wisdom with everyone who is willing to learn from her. She knows the healing power of the plants and trees, the importance of nourishment, and is always in search for balance. Living true to herself and Mother Nature, with roots deeply into the essence of the earth. A grandmother at the age of 24, so with a fresh, young and sometimes rebellious twist she reaches out to you from her loving heart to simply be present for the magic to unfold.