Wolf, How She Reminds Us Of That Part Long Forgotten

Wolf... Howling, singing she teaches us how to know

I have always experienced an intense feeling of connection with the Wolf and her connection with the Moon.

The Wolf resembles a forgotten part in us as women.

Within the wolf pack there is major sense of togetherness from where every soul is considered one of all but at the same time highly connected with herself and appreciated as an individual, in all her authenticity.

The Wolf resembles the teacher. She reminds us of our wildness. She reminds us of the sacred wisdom we can find from within if taken the time to come back to ourselves in full embodiment from where the knowledge can flow and wisdom can grow. From the connection with the moon. The moon resembles psychological energy. The unconscious source, where ancient knowledge and wisdom can be found.

She is wild. She is free.

She knows. She shows.

She keeps the power

and strength that she is,

once unchained in her nature,

where her eyes can open.

Where she can finally see,

everything that is,

everything that was

and anything that once will be.

She is kind and caring, yet untamed.

She can stay, but she will never be chained.

Forever moving, unfolding change.

Singing, healing, trauma, and pain.

Running through her ever-changing way.

©2018 by Luna Anne Lucia.

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