The Explanation And Solution For Your Emotional Rollercoaster

Often our period is approached as a negative experience. We live in shame, pain, disguise. Disguise towards menstruation blood. Pain in period cramps, as a result of sexual trauma creating blockages in this sacred area.

I didn’t know about the chemical reactions happening in my body throughout my entire cycles. I didn’t know the influence of all sorts of hormones naturally outrageous flowing through my body, controlling my mind.

I started studying my cycle and the historical traditions around our period times. I discovered the connection with the moon.

After discovering these influences and how this random sensitivity and emotional instability was not in my control but was led

by my body, it was easier for myself to surrender to this feeling, these emotions and just let them be, connect with it to be able to truly feel them and let go. Accept a bad day as a bad day, without blaming myself for feeling as shitty as I did, but being able just to feel the sadness, the demotivation, the need for being alone. I started to work my schedule around it. And it helps me so much!

So this is for all young women out there who would want more awareness and understanding of their body and a hand to find a way to work with your cycle, and it is a natural connection with the moon, with you instead of the feeling it is working against you. Embrace your feminity, your period, your womanhood, and love yourself, every aspect of the goddess that you are.

Stay posted to find more information, tips and questions that will help you with more awareness of your cycle and a stronger connection with the moon.

©2018 by Luna Anne Lucia.

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