Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

the architect

element: earth

opposite: scorpio

planet: venus

april 21 till may 21

metal: bronze

gem: alabaster, coral and agate

When you met a person who is down to earth, attractive, talented, resourceful and fixed, you can bet it is a Taurus. Taurus is perfect to find the right solutions, to fix things, to create and to attract things. Most multi-talented people are Taurus. On the other side, they can be possessive, stubborn and materialistic. They can be so far away from their own self they do not realize they do not need things but people. ‘Gone right’ Taurus have a real relationship with nature. Mother earth is essential to find their inner self and luck. Some people say Taurus is the keeper of the earth. I know a girl who is a Taurus and she was so far away from her own self that she began to steal things. She did not care about the earth at all. When she admitted she was materialistic she found herself and the earth again.

Taurus Gone Wrong


Taurus enjoy nice things and beautiful moments in life. But if they do not do this with balance, it can go wrong. They absolutely do not like to share. The shivers come up if people eat your food, use your things or wear your clothes. If you think food, drinks, and things can make you happy, you are wrong. When Taurus comes to their inner self, they do not need anything at all. You have the risk to live a completely materialistic life and to feel lonely and jealous. Avoid that! Spend time in nature to feel connected to the earth and your body instead of things.

If you spend a lot of time with a Taurus, show them life is not about having things for yourself. Show the beauty of sharing, go out for a walk or cycle with them through the forest. You need patient and tactic to teach them something. It takes some time before they will be open for a different way of seeing things.

Selfish and tactless

Taurus loves comfort, beauty, and pretty things. What else can you expect from a sign who is lead by Venus? But also this can have another side. Taurus can think ‘how more you have the better’ but that does not make them happy eventually. This way of thinking can ensure that they only attract superficiality. You can have a lack of self-esteem, this may cause they do not know what is important anymore and then they can be very tactless. Without realizing you compensate your uncertainty with materialistic reserves.

Make space for new adventures. This can make your life more meaning. Take pleasure in simple things and try to help others.


Taurus can hold a grudge for a long time, which may cause they become rigid. Especially when someone is against you, you can blame others of your troubles. Changing is the magic word. Do not stick to things that much, be flexible and be open for a ‘sorry’. If you carry hate with you, your neck and shoulders could be really stiff. Be soft for yourself and others. Take responsibility for your mistakes and look with honesty to yourself.

Taurus Gone Right

Talented and helpful

Taurus is so talented and they support others talent too. They stimulate talent and they give beautiful clues. They give space and they support their family and friends with their patience and drive to help and to make things right. I know a boy with his sun in Taurus. He is an artist, he can create everything into a beautiful painting. I am not very good at drawing but he got me so motivated I do it sometimes. His drive to create and his enthusiasm about my hidden talent is amazing; typical Taurus. They can listen for hours to people and give exactly good advice. Develop your talent! It needs space to create and to bloom. Stand in your power with the knowledge you are doing well.


People with their sun in Taurus are the creators of the earth. They are the architects, who can have random things and make the most beautiful house out of it. If you love something; you go for it till the end. It does not matter if it is hard, you will stick to it until it is finished. If you do it slow and with pleasure, you are on your best. Take time for your projects, be alone with it and let your creativity flow. You know what to do, relax with that idea.

Guardian of life

Taurus has the patient to seed something, to let it grow with all their love and harvest it in the right moment. In their hands' earth becomes food. They are the most careful people from all signs and they know it. Search something where you can grow something. This can be food and plants, but also music, cooking or something else.

©2018 by Luna Anne Lucia.

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