Maya: The App To Track Your Menstrual Cycle

When we take a look into our history the woman has always been in a high connection with the moon. Once we shared our cycle with that of the moon.

The cycle of every full moon has a duration of 28 days. A woman’s menstrual cycle is normally 28 days and harmonized with the moon. The thirteenth day of the cycle of the moon is the half way point. For the woman this is also the half way point and her fertile time.

There are several goddess figures found, recording from the earliest Neolithic times. We call these figures Venus art.

This carving is known as the "Venus of Laussel." Found in a shelter in Southern France, it shows a voluptuous goddess figure with her right hand holding up a bison horn with thirteen notches engraved in it and her left hand placed upon her pregnant belly. The thirteen notches, likely noted the thirteen moons in one year and/or the thirteenth day of her menstrual cycle in which she could get pregnant (Elizabethwillock, 2013).

In tarot the moon symbolizes intuition, dreams, unconsciousness, illusion, fear, anxiety and the unfolding of the consciousness. It reminds us of the projection of unresolved trauma’s from the past into the present or the future, which creates blockages that need to be solved so energy can return its flow. Flowing on a river of inner guidance, deep intuitive insights and visions of what lays beyond the everyday life.

Often our period is experienced as something terrible. We live in shame, pain, disguise. Disguise towards the period blood. Pain in period cramps, as a result of sexual trauma creating blockages in this sacred area.

I did not know about the chemical reactions happening in my body throughout my entire cycles. I did not know the influence of all sorts of hormones naturally outrageous flowing through my body, controlling my mind. Until I discovered an app, called Maya. Which I would suggest for every woman! It is a perfect way to keep track of your cycles. But Maya also adds a short daily report, explaining the biological aspects of your body and tips to handle this.

I was surprised and sort of disappointed in myself and the world surrounding me how less I knew about my cycles. I discovered the power flowing from this sacred place of my body. So much strength. 
I started studying my cycles and found a connection with the moon. In which you can read more in the next section, an ode to the moon.

After discovering these influences. How these random sensitivities were not in my control, but was leaded by my body. It was easier for myself to surrender to this. To accept a bad day as a bad day, without blaming myself for feeling as shitty as I did that day, but being able just to feel the sadness, the demotivation, the need of being alone. I started to work my scadule around it. And it helps me so much! So this is for all young women out there who would want more awareness and understanding of their body and a hand to find a way to work with your cycles with you instead of the feeling it is working against you. Embrace your feminity, your period, your womanhood, and love yourself, every aspect of the goddess that you are.

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