How To Live In Connection With The Moon : History

When we take a look into our history the woman has always been closely connected with the moon. Once we shared our cycle with that of the moon. We will be sharing a little 4 part guide for you to get back in connection with the moon, nature, and through that more connected with yourself and more aware of the world surrounding you. We are starting with a little bit of history.

The cycle of every moon has a duration of 28 days. A woman’s menstrual cycle is normally 28 days and harmonized with the moon. The thirteenth day of the cycle of the moon is the halfway point. For the woman, this is also the halfway point and her fertile time.

"One we shared our cycle with that of the moon."

There are several goddess figures found, recording from the earliest Neolithic times. We call these figures Venus art.

This carving is known as the "Venus of Laussel." Found in a shelter in Southern France, it shows a voluptuous goddess figure with her right hand holding up a bison horn with thirteen notches engraved in it and her left hand placed upon her pregnant belly. The thirteen notches, likely noted the thirteen moons in one year and/or the thirteenth day of her menstrual cycle in which she could get pregnant (Elizabethwillock, 2013).

"Venus of Laussel"

In tarot, the moon symbolizes intuition, dreams, unconsciousness, illusion, fear, anxiety and the unfolding of the consciousness. It reminds us of the projection of unresolved trauma’s from the past into the present or the future, which creates blockages that need to be solved so energy can return its flow. Flowing on a river of inner guidance, deep intuitive insights, and visions of what lays beyond everyday life.

In old times women would sequester as their moon time was considered sacred. They would set up a red tent, into which only women in their moon time were allowed to enter. In these times all woman had the same cycles in harmony with each other and the moon. Together they would celebrate their feminine divinity, through sharing, rest and meditation.

Release dates of the guidance that will follow synchronized with the moon.

4th of May, 22:46 - New Moon

12th of May, 1:13 - Waxing Moon

18th of May, 21:12 - Full Moon

26th of May 16:34 - Waning Moon

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