Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

the messenger

element: air

opposite: Sagittarius

planet: mercury

May 21 till June 21

metal: Quicksilver

gem: Beryl and grenade

Gemini’s are so interesting. They are constantly busy with searching things out. They are the thinkers, the philosophers, the good company and especially incredible funny. They have a sharp spirit and some people call them the masters in communication. They are smart multitasks and they get surrounded by lovers. But, you feel it coming, every sign has a different side. The ‘dark side’ of Gemini is not very nice. They can be bored easily and they can be whimsical. They can be the best liars without realizing it. People can get scared of Gemini because of their two faces. They switch between them without knowing they have them. I have talked to a woman once; her husband was Gemini. She said sometimes she does not know who her husband is anymore because he can switch so fast. She told him this but he did not know what she meant.

Gemini Gone Wrong


They can be very fatigued with something, this may cause they do not finish anything. When your vision is not right, you get mean to the people who were right. They can gossip when they feel someone else is better or smarter than them. They do not like confrontation at all. They can be too lazy to change anything about them and then they putt on a wall of talking. You are the messenger of the zodiac, so if you recognize a lot, you have got to change something to make this true! If you search for your inner self, you will find deeper talents you did not know about. Search what makes you curious. Your own intelligence is in the way to fully find out what is happening in the world.


The Gemini gone wrong can gossip a lot. Because they can talk easily it is not that hard. They also love to discuss, because they are so smart they win most of the time. But this can also go in the more wrong way; arguing. Ask yourself if all this arguing is worth it. It takes a lot of your energy and others’ energy as well.

If you recognize this, keep listening to yourself. What am I saying right now? Learn to think before you say. Also: listen to others. Are they saying something completely different? Learn to be open for other opinions and do not get angry about it. Feel and think what the people around you are saying. They are interesting as well and most of the time you can learn something from them.


It’s possible they do not really care about the truth. They can pick the people who are good for them and then they can stick to them until someone better is coming. The Gemini ‘gone wrong’ is the seller who does not bother about the planet, humanity or the person they are selling to. They can be the cheaters without sincerity at all. If you think you can be lying sometimes, do not worry. Often you ly because you react to fast or you are afraid of something. Go easy and admit that maybe you do not know everything. It is totally okay to not knowing something, it is better than making something up.

Gemini Gone Right

Communicator and Analytic

The good sides of Gemini come from their planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet about intellectual and communication skills. Gemini is objective, think a lot and they make a beautiful story about everything. In a discussion, they can understand both sides and bring them under words as nobody else can. They attract the attention of everybody around them. They are called the messenger because without effort everybody will hear what a Gemini needs to say. They are enthusiastic and optimistic. Know that you can intimidate others with your knowledge and be careful.

Full of Fantasy and Original

They have a lot of imagination and when it turns a good way; they have a lot of nice ideas and original plans. They are curious and they are amazing when they talk and listen. When they are in balance, they listen as much as they talk. You take everything in, process the information and then formulation it in a great way. Search to goals that inspire you and tell stories that are really close to your heart. Listen good and with attention, allow yourself to take the compliments in.

©2018 by Luna Anne Lucia.

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