Full Moon - April

Remember! It is okay to ask for help. A flow of inspiration and creation is rarely rudely interrupted by destruction. This where you are challenged to remember the lessons you have learned. To have the courage to ask for help. To share your trouble with a sister.

We don not talk anymore. Mental health care institutes are busier than ever. Simply because we do not talk anymore. In the hurry, stress, and individuality of nowadays society, we have forgotten how to communicate.

It is time to remember your sisters! Finally set a date for those plans you have been talking about for months now. Get that cup of coffee and have chat.

"Feminism is not about showing the world a woman could do or be everything a man is. It is about embracing everything we are as women!"

Somewhere on the way, we lost the knowledge of sisterhood. Let us remember and connect. In a world of hatred and war, let us find each other again in the eyes of a stranger. Because remember every-time you wonder ‘is it just me?’ know that the answer is ‘no!’. You are not the only one! All we have to do together is to find the courage to speak up. Use your voice! Share, support. Try to reach above jealousy and anxiety to find respect and equality. In others and in yourself.

©2018 by Luna Anne Lucia.

Young Women In Connection