Aries (March 21 - April 19)

The pioneer

element: fire

opposite: libra

planet: mars

march 21 till april 19

metal: iron

gem: amethyst and diamond

The ‘gone right’ Aries is the most interesting and most active from all signs. Aries takes leadership to discover the world for all of us. It is the first sign and it takes the responsibility to figure things out for the rest. Aries is led by Mars, the God of war. It is important for them to find inner peace, just like their opposite Libra. The ‘gone wrong’ version of Aries is that they can be too much. Too aggressive or too driven to new experiences. If you use your energy in a good way and if you act completely from your own feeling you can find more balance.

Aries Gone Wrong


People who easily tempered have most of the time Aries in their zodiac. Aries can have a destructive influence. First, you create chaos, then you are surprised everybody walked away.

Often you can feel you want to go in discussion with someone who is ‘doing it the wrong way’. Sometimes right in the face, sometimes behind the back. There is no end because the ongoing war is what stops you to look in the mirror.

If you feel this, how can deal with it? First of all; relax. Listen to your inner voice. You have so much to say. Meditation or yoga can help you to find this inner voice. Maybe it is really hard, but you have a whole life to figure this issue out. If you find it, you can learn to control your anger. Where is your anger coming from? Is it a trauma? Do you have the feeling people don not listen to you? Is it guilt? Are you ashamed of something?

Second; keep moving. Find a way you can let it all go. Go for a run, find a sport or something else what you can flow. Also; keep breathing. Take short breaks to find your breathing again. Maybe you see the situation or the person in a whole different perspective. Again find a way to mediate everywhere you go so you can be closer to yourself and your breath.


Aries have a ton of energy and they really want that things happen and that it has an end. But often they get bored and they don’t finish their work, other people can do that. Aries is the best to motivate others, create new things. In the beginning, they are enthusiastic but when things have a problem they do not want to work on it anymore.

Use this energy to create! You can use it to move intensive. What I said earlier; find a good way to move to let your energy flow. Next thing: train yourself to finish something. You will get a satisfied feeling if you do so.

If you are close to an Aries, show them how to relax. Go for a run together, cook, meditate, make music or listen to music. Also, a way to help finish things; a to-do list. To get things done in a motivation way.


Aries is a born leader, but you make yourself crazy if you think you do not need anyone. Anyway; you want to win. Win as a lone wolf or you are going with the best group. This drive to be the best can be great, but ask yourself if it is a blockade to be happy.

Try to listen to people around you from a peaceful thought. You can do something for people without wanting expecting things back. To give others the opportunity to win will make you feel satisfied. You do not need to be the best at everything! The people who helped you with your success, deserve credits for that. Compliment them, appreciate them.

Aries Gone Right


The Aries who is ‘gone right’ is passionate, dedicated, exciting and really inspiring. You are motivated and really dynamic, attractive and full of heart power. Aries have tons of courage and power. Hard and heavy, energetic and effective. If you are surrounded by Aries who use this power, know how lucky you are. They make incredible beautiful things.


Aries have the drive to create projects. You have so many ideas and people around you are getting so inspired by all your thoughts. Learn how to control your unlimited power. If you do that, you and the people around you will be so happy.


Aries is not afraid to come up for the underdog. An Aries have courage. You are a strong leader, friend, and partner. Aries are used to having a little risk so you are not afraid to change things. With a smile, a plan, and friends around you.

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©2018 by Luna Anne Lucia.

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