3 Tips: How To Sync Your Cycle With The Moon

By nature, the cycle of a woman is sync with the cycle of the moon. But nowadays a lot of women aren’t sync with the moon at all. Since we as human beings, in our society have excluded ourselves from the circle of nature, the circle of life.

We can use the moon, when sync with our own cycle to empower our intentions, to let go of things no longer ours to wear, ours to bare. And create for the new to begin.


Many old cultures say it’s important, especially for women, to take a moon bath during full moon. A moon bath is very simple, go out on full moon and light your body up with the moon. Embrace it! Feel the energy the moon gives you. A lot of women notice they can’t sleep at full moon. Don’t worry, you’re just receiving a lot of energy from mother light. Also joining together with other women can help to express yourself during this time.


Honor the moon! It helps to keep up with the moon and every time to moon is going to a new phase you can do a little ritual. Feel whatever you need to do to celebrate this new phase. Maybe make an altar, burn some sage, light up an candle, take a bath (by this I mean a water bath), do some writing. Think by yourself, where am I now? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Where do I want to go?


It’s a weird one but it’s proven it helps to sync with the moon. The goal is to don’t see anything at all during the night. Check if there’s any light in your room you can turn off, it’s really healthy for your body to sleep in complete darkness. So don’t only wear an eye-mask but

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