The essence of She Vida is to be together.
With each other we can refind our natural flow and our natural rythm.

We welcome all that wants to be done, all that wants to be said, felt, and heard.

What do you wish to bring in this circle? What do you wish to receive from this circle?

Together we step into our feminine flow and our feminine way of living. We bring it into our bodies and into our lives. Really sinking into the flow, in a safe, open space creating possibilities. 
We want experience life without 'musts' and 'to do's' so we do not have a set program. Every morning we come together for a sharing to see what wants to unfold that day. 

We have a blackboard where the intentions for the day can be written down so everybody who wants to join can find out where to be at what time.
Last year we barely used it, we will see if we will use it this year. 

Most important is that we are all part of the same circle and everyone can bring in their longings and desires for that day. This can be something you want to share, learn, do or receive with and from the women around you. Trusting that by the end of the day, all that needed to be done will be done. 

We want to invite you into this circle with young women, to experience life in a whole new, beautiful and powerful way. 

Being together, creating a safe space, 

refinding our natural rhythm in the feminine flow.

S H E  V I D A  2 0 1 9

A peek of things that happened last year

Making art

Expressed in various ways as writing, drawing, painting and music.



Opening up this taboo topic, exchanging knowledge,

doubts, questions and experiences. 


Guided by the 5rhythms, naked in the rain.


Powerful ceremonies for healing and transformation.

Essential Oils

Making massage oils and exchanging knowledge considering the oils and exchanging massages.



"For me the group of young women in connection is like my

female society missing in the world out there".

“To me She Vida has been an experience of magic, transformation, joy, laughter, playfulness and sisterhood. A feeling of coming home. This is how life’s supposed to be like.”

We're looking forward to meeting you there!
With love,
Marre, Luna & Hinde

You and me, we are the next generation. 
The next step is ours to make. 

Shevida is organized by Young Women in Connection.
We are a circle of young women who want to bring the feminine energy into our lifes and celebrate our sisterhood by creating young women gatherings and mooncirlces. 

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