For the last decade, we as women fought for our freedom. For our rights.

We fought for our voice. And we are so grateful!

For us, feminism is not about showing the world a woman could do anything a man does. It is about standing for who we are as a woman. When you close your eyes and feel inside, do you feel her? Your feminine energy? Your feminine power?
Do you feel the love, the openness and the tenderness?
Do you feel the wild, the strength and the courage?
Do you feel the destructive and the transformative?
Do you feel the ancient wisdom you carry within you? 
Do you feel life inside of you?


So Young Women, let us gather. Instead of the hatred or the competing, let us love and embrace! Let us embrace the beauty of authenticity we find in each other as a mirror. Let us embrace fighting our freedom. Let us embrace our power and strength.

Let us embrace.

All unique women, all unique human beings, being one. 

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"Because there is one thing more powerful than an empowered woman,

it is a circle of empowered women, standing strong together."

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