From our own experience of the importancy and magic of women circles we want to share this with you.
The power of sisterhood celebration.

The power of creation in connection.

Sharing, inspiring and being.


Our ancestors fought us the freedom to be where we are now. Where we can stand together with our legs spread, connecting from our womb with mother earth. Gathering and sharing ancient wisdom.

Where our feminine power is more and more acknowledged and embraced.

Young Women In Connection is not about excluding man, it is about experience being a woman and being with women in an ever changing, beautiful way. We create a place where young women can be together with an open mind and heart. Where you can love yourself and others. 

So, Young Women, let us gather. Instead of the hatred or the competing, let us love and embrace! 

Let us embrace the beauty of authenticity we find in each other as a mirror. Let us embrace fighting our freedom. Let us embrace our power and strength. Let us embrace.

All unique women, all unique human beings, being one. 

S H E V I D A  G A T H E R I N G
Young women gathering
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