In order to create a diverse program we are looking for all the young women out there who have something beautiful to share with the world.


First of all the opportunity to be a part of something special. There is nothing like finding yourself in the loving, sharing bubble, together with your sisters: connecting with your ancestors, your inner child, the wise woman you carry in your heart and embracing the wild woman that you are. 


She Vida is a gathering based on co-creation. Be welcome to get your ticket and share what is is you are, you give with your sisters. You and your products, food, art, creation are both very welcome to join!


We invite all women to share their knowledge, their story. We would love to have you. We invite 

  • Women to guide rituals and ceremonies, such as a firewalk, family constellations, soul voice. 

  • Women to share their tools as a hoopdancer, poi dancer, etc. 

  • Women to guide meditation, yoga, acrobatic area, massage, etc.

  • Women with a connection to water. There is a small natural pool, we would love to be able to offer water activities, as aqua sports, water therapy, water meditation.

  • Women to share there love for dance, in a form of trance dance, movement medicine or ritual dancing.

If what is is you do is not listed here, do not hesitate to send us an email with your proposition! We are open for ideas and inspiration!


We invite all women to share their stories, fantasy, dreams through their voices, their music,  dance, performances, theater, women to share a show, a message, a story, a poem. Anything you feel like to be worth sharing here. Don't be shy! There will be and open space for expression of you, your story, your ideas. The program will be created in the moment, by you, and all of us. Be welcome! Get your ticket now!

Want to join? Tell us something about yourself, your experiences and ideas and if you have any questions please contact and we will come back to you as soon as possible with further information.